Nov 17, 2016 BIH News

BIH-Chilume Collaboration

Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) has entered into a partnership with a local law firm for the rollout of Intellectual Property (IP) Awareness campaign to inventors, innovators and researchers. The TTO has partnered with Chilume & Associates, a reputable law firm that handles and manages issues of Intellectual Property for a variety of clients, “Chief amongst them being the multinationals, the research companies and ordinary inventors from the streets,” states partner at the law firm, Yvonne Chilume.

Chilume & Associates has experience in interrogation of IP presence in inventions and ideas, drafting, filing, and management of IP Portfolios for clients. The firm’s legal expertise in IP is a value addition that will benefit the Botswana Innovation Hub’s clients.

In a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that is currently being assessed by the Botswana Innovation Hub Legal Office of, Botswana Innovation Hub shall be the financier and organizer of all training sessions, with the Law firm being the main instructors. A rollout plan with a detailed work plan has already been completed and agreed between the parties.

The first training session has been conducted at the Botswana Innovation Hub’s technology entrepreneurship development programme known as First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC). 20 Inventors and technology entrepreneurs were the first beneficiaries of the seminar that is a result of the collaboration between Botswana Innovation Hub and Chilume & Associates Law Firm.

“It is our collective hope that all groups trained will derive maximum benefit from this BIH-Chilume partnership, and use it to develop, improve and package their products towards the retail shelves,” reads a statement on the partnership.