May 31, 2018 BIH News

BIH Stakeholder Engagement

Botswana Innovation Hub held its first installment of the 2018 series of Stakeholder Engagements on Wednesday 24th May, 2018. Stakeholder Engagements are aimed at communication, information dissemination and stakeholder and public education on the company’s activities and financial performance.

As a dedicated national innovation agency, Botswana Innovation Hub is charged with the responsibility to catalyse innovation in the private sector through bringing together innovative minds, subject matter experts, policy makers, knowledge providers, industry and financiers. In addition to this, the company has a responsibility to continuously report on the work it does.

In the current reporting period, the company reported on four key business performance areas. These being the Innovation Fund, Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship, Facilities Fanagement, and Financial Sustainability.

The National Innovation Fund was recently launched to promote innovation through technology, products and business development in the private sector by providing cash grants to companies and organisations and organisations registered with Botswana Innovation Hub. In addition to the foregoing, the Innovation Fund serves to encourage companies and organisation registered with Botswana Innovation Hub to transfer skills to citizen employees by providing cash grants to be utilised for institutional training and on the job training programmes.
Key to the e establishment of a functional and integrated national innovation ecosystem is the establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations. Through partnerships and collaboration, Botswana Innovation Hub flagship technology entrepreneurship development programme, First Steps Venture Centre (FSVC) supports innovative start-up companies.

The programme offers hot-desking office space, high speed internet, training and meeting rooms, capacity building and photocopying and designer facilities. By leveraging on the company’s recent relocation to the Science and Technology Park, Botswana Innovation Hub is already upscaling the technology entrepreneurship development operations.

On the Facilities Management score card, the company reported that it has adopted a phased approach to the completion and occupation of the Icon Building. Key tenants have already occupied office space in the Icon Building notwithstanding structural issues raised in the building. The company is working on up scaling tenancy to 75% by August 2018. The infrastructure inside the park is designed and constructed to support bandwidth of growing innovation companies.

The company is currently developing a business plan that seeks to reduce reliance on government funding through leveraging its current infrastructure and looking at other income generating streams such as plot sales and office rentals; attract strategic funding partners such as SANBio and SAiS; and partnerships with clients to co-develop the park.