Sep 29, 2015 BIH News

BIH Launches the Cyber City Kgotla

In the drive to establish itself as a catalyst in the development of the ICT industry and the creation of an innovation supporting ecosystem in Botswana, Botswana Innovation Hub launched the ICT Developer Community called Cyber City Kgotla in November, 2014.

ICT Developer Community officer, Tirelo Ramasedi says as the Botswana Innovation Hub’s ICT Developer Community, the Cyber City Kgotla is established to facilitate the development and growth of innovative technology ideas that will ultimately bear social and economic benefits to Botswana and beyond.

“Cyber City Kgotla is an open community workspace where innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and investment meet. We are building a platform for all those in the technology space in Botswana to actively engage. Our target members are researchers, developers, tech-entrepreneurs, and ICT professionals and students,” she said.

Ramasedi said the Cyber City Kgotla provides tailored services amongst them physical co-working space, access to high speed internet, technical and business trainings as well as testing platforms with all the services provided at no cost.

The approach of the Cyber City Kgotla is one that works with the two most critical stakeholders of the ICT Developer Community being Academia and ICT Corporates specifically Cellphone Network Providers. The stakeholders are deemed critical as Academia possesses and produces the most important resource being human resource and knowledge, where ICT Corporate’s provide the network , market guidance  and platform to test, absorb and consume the ultimate ICT content and skills.

A comprehensive and youth friendly registration process has been created for prospective members to fill where forms can either be collected or downloaded on the Botswana Innovation Hub website to submit.

Realising that the local ICT Developer Community spans across the country, the Cyber City Kgotla continually works with academic institutions to roll out services such as trainings and competitions inspire a culture of innovation, skills transfer and technology entrepreneurship.