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Calling All Innovator Anything Is Possible

By: Tirelo Ramasedi

I’m sure that a significant number of the world population are still in shock as much as I am at the victory of the 45th U.S. President Elect, Donald J Trump. From the farfetched reality that seemingly was when Trump announced that he would run for the Presidency; I, we, and most of the world who never believed that it (succession to the White House) could become the slightest bit of truth, should have at the least seen it as partially likely upon his acceptance of being the presidential nominee for the Republicans.

In this victory, many questions emerge about the people of America and of course the landscape within the United States of freedom, diversity, inclusion and many other social expanses that determine the progressive co-existence of the global community and Americans themselves.

With the many questions that have arisen at the close of the US Presidential race, one of very few and resounding statements that it has loudly communicated is that anything is possible! In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump pronounced the words that, “No Dream is too Big, No challenge too great” and indeed he serves as a living metaphor to these very words.

In a world where there are seemingly insurmountable socio-economic challenges, innovation promised and delivered solutions. Lives have been saved and communities afforded access to critical services that otherwise would have not, all due to the solutions that innovation enabled.

“It’s never innovation until your customer says it is”, a saying that brings to life the problem solving benefits of innovation to customers. The emphasis here is innovations distinctive virtue of solving a specific problem for a specific person or community at a specific time.

As Africans, we face significant challenges that call on innovation to provide solutions in an ever complex environment where resources are limited. With history as the guarantor that African have and can provide those innovative solutions; The Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) is once gain in search of the next biggest African innovator to present a solution that will solve some of Africa’s most pressing problems.

Investing in African prosperity the IPA invites Africans around the world to submit applications to the prestigious competition. Following the competitions success award ceremony in Gaborone early this year, the competition once again offers Africa’s top crop of innovators a share in a grand prize of US$150 000 and additional scalable entrepreneurial opportunities.

The call for entries runs for three months with a submission deadline of Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 11:59pm GMT. The competition calls for applications in social and economic innovation including manufacturing and service industry, health and well-being, agriculture and agri-business, environment, energy and water, and ICT showcasing ground-breaking innovations; the IPA welcomes Innovations beyond the scope of these sectors.

With Botswana having hosted the 2016 IPA edition, I hope to see a Motswana in the finals of the 2017 and encourage local innovators to apply. I am confident that innovation is happening here, and encourage our innovators to step onto the continental stage and showcase what they can do.

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