Dec 03, 2014 Old News

Modisar Farm Management System Launched

The Botswana project that won the Orange Africa Social Venture Prize for Innovation was launched at a packed event at the Botswana Innovation Hub BIH.  Modisar Farm Management (Desktop Application) is a productivity software application that can be installed on a farmer’s computer or laptop and allows the farmer to capture information about his or her farm faster. Modisa(r) is a Setswana word meaning herdboy. 


According to Thuto Paul Gaotingwe (25), the ICT professional who clinched the First prize with this innovation said this application does not require active internet connection to function. It allows a farmer to work offline and to synchronize data to the Modisar Azure Cloud Servers once there is active internet connection.


“By synchronizing data, the farmer will have a backup copy of his or her data safe on the cloud which they can access via Modisar Farm Management Web application. Currently we have Modisar Farm Management Applications optimized for Cattle, for Goats and for sheep.”

He says the Modisar Farm Management Desktop Application Version 1.0 allows a farmer to do the following: record information about their farm, record information about farm paddocks, and record information about farm costs (this include capital, operational and maintenance costs), record information about farm sales. Farmers can in addition to the above, record information about farm equipment, about farm Bulls/Rams/Bucks, record information about farm/paddock kraals, record information about farm animals  and  bull assignments, record information about animal details such as animal weight, offsprings, vet visits, medications vaccines issued, animal movements and feed history. It can also synchronize data between local database cloud databases.


The goal of Modisar knowledge base is to share and exchange valuable information with livestock farmers. The knowledge base has more than 60 articles currently covering different livestock diseases, vaccinations, feeds and best livestock farming practices.

“It has the Downloads Section where a farmer can download important documents and it also has a Symptoms Gallery Section where there are images of disease symptoms.”


Currently Modisar knowledge base only has two authors, an experienced farmer and a graduate from Botswana University of Agriculture. ModisarNet is actively looking to have more authors on the knowledge base. The knowledge base is 100% responsive; it can be accessed through mobile phone browsers.


According to the creator of the project, Modisar Net shares the knowledge base articles through a Facebook page ( and a weekly newsletter that is sent to registered farmers every Friday. Currently the knowledgebase has an average of 107 visitors, both returning and new daily.


The Modisar Notification System uses livestock management plans to alert farmers through SMS and email on important issues such as feeding, vaccinations care activities, dehorning and castration among others. 


 “So far the Notification System have sent a total of 360 notifications as a combination of 180 SMS and another 180 emails to registered farmers since the beginning of its Beta. The notifications are available in Setswana language as well as in the English language,” he says.


By John Churu