Aug 07, 2014 Old News

Weekend Post – ConceroTel

The 2014 FIFA World Cup has come to an end with a gallant German national team emerging champions of the global showpiece in Brazil.Joachim Löw’s team humbled Argentina 1 – 0 in the finals to earn themselves the title and bragging rights as World Cup Champions for the next four years. This is after the German machine’s merciless humiliation of Luiz Felipe Scolari’s much fancied charges. Faced with a marauding German outfit, the Brazilians lost their mojo and squandered a magnificent home ground advantage while the Argentinians who have arguably the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world were dazzled by the German’s brilliant skill and teamwork which reduced them to play like high school boys.


No sooner had the dust from the World Cup extravaganza settled than the diehardsoccer enthusiasts’ focus turned to the transfer markets of domestic leagues as teams jostle to fortify their squads and domestic leagues try to spruce up their appeal.In this cut throat business, teams have to lobby hard and dig deep intotheir pockets to meet the astronomical transfer fees and pay packages for the best players who will hopefully bring them glory.Work environment, personal goals together with rewards and recognition are some of the determining pull and push factors for player’s choice of club.


As this intriguing ritual plays itself out, several life and business lessons can be gleaned from how the beautiful game is played and administered. Foremost is that beyond the skill and talent of the individual players,soccer is a team sport and wearing the same shirts does not make a team. The German team prevailed over the other 32 national teams that competed in the international tournament because, more than any other team, this marvellous crop of footballers came together as a cohesiveteam determined to achieve a common goal of becoming Champions of the World.


The Germans refined the art of putting together a team. JoachimLöw put together a squad that was not only crammed with class but was also acombination of thoroughbred, experienced winners and some of the world’s top young talents. The result is a team that, press the ball exceptionally well and play a high octane, vibrant, attacking style of football.


As in the beautiful game, countries across the world are working tirelessly to improve their competitive edge and global economic rankings in an effort to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of their citizens.Competition at this level is fierce and demands that national economies seek the best players to propel their economies forward. Similarly, Botswana aspires to be a formidable player in the global economic league and has embarked upon strategic initiatives to achieve this.


Botswana Innovation Hub has been set up as one of the entities that seek to contribute to the country’s economic development and competitiveness by attracting innovative companies and institutions to establish in the country’s first Science and Technology Park. The company strives to transform the country from a resource based economy to a technology-driven and knowledge-based economy by creating new scientific, technological and indigenous knowledge-based business opportunities and adding value to existing companies, fostering entrepreneurship and technology transfer that generates knowledge-based jobs.


The transfer window for Botswana Innovation Hub to recruit world class companies to set up in the park has opened andthe company has quickly announced the signing of the first lease agreement for private sector led development at the science park with ConceroTel (Pty) Ltd. ConceroTel is an Australian based telecommunications company that offers satellite solutions that expand on existing terrestrial technologies such as fibre-optic, copper and wireless/radio technologies. The technology addresses the shortfalls of traditional fixed-line telecoms infrastructure as it enables rapid deployment for rural and remote access in a country like Botswana that is expansive, sparsely populated and has terrains that are difficult to cross such as the Kgalagadi desert and the Okavango delta.


ConceroTel Botswana is a joint venture between ConceroTel of Australia and Decibel Enterprises of Botswana. The company directors are Mark Sprey (Chairman), Tiro Mosinyi (Managing Director) and Thuli Ntsatsi (Operations Director). Speaking at a press conference to announce the signing on, Botswana Innovation Hub CEO Alan Boshwaen said, The signing of the lease is a culmination of Botswana Innovation Hubs continuing efforts to attract investments from innovative companies and institutions. The agreement allows ConceroTel to establish a new satellite communications hub facility, data centre and network operations centre at the park. The company will also establish a small video conferencing facility for high-quality access to Gaborone based SME’s.


For his part, ConceroTel Spokesperson, Thuli Ntsatsi said, Delivery of equipment for setting up the satellite centre is scheduled to be completed by 31st August 2014 and the testing and live deployment of the first services available to customers during September, 2014. Ntsatsi further said tenders for construction of the data and network operating centres will be issued in November, 2014.


He said the network operations centre will be twinned with their Australian sister company’s facility to exploit time differences for 24hrs managed network support. This support is useful to customers such as mining companies and banks, whose services run around the clock, he said.


Botswana Innovation Hub’s Property Development and Facilities Director, David Tsheboeng saidthe company is putting together infrastructure, policies and incentives that will make it attractive for global companies to set up at the Science and Technology Park. He said the focal point of the Hub is to provide state-of-the-art buildings and facilities to attract domestic, regional and global companies to locate business and research development activities within the park. The Science and Technology Park promotes technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship and it is anticipated that such development and innovation will lead to downstream job creation in new manufacturing and service enterprises to locate in Botswana, he said.


The Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park is strategically located on a 57 hectare site, near the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport and adjacent to the Diamond Technology Park in Gaborone. The Park is an ideal location for technology-driven and knowledge-intensive businesses to establish themselves, develop, and compete in the regional and global markets.


By Tigele Mokobi