BDIH IP Policy

Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub Intellectual Protection Policy

The Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH has been established pursuant to an Act of Parliament as a science and technology park to inter-alia foster Botswana’s transition to a knowledge based economy, that actively responds to the needs of the people of the Republic of Botswana. The Botswana Excellence Strategy of 2008 envisages a transformation of Botswana into technology-driven and knowledge based economy through promotion of a culture of innovation and competitiveness.

In line with the National Policy on Research, Science, Technology and Innovation of 2012, and our national vision pillar to be a “prosperous, productive and innovative nation” 2016, the Government of Botswana envisages a stronger role of STI in the national economy going forward. Of particular emphasis is demand driven research and commercialisation, adoption of Indigenous knowledge systems, strengthened national systems of innovation and a supportive legal framework through protection of Intellectual Property Rights which is critical for wealth creation and economic diversification. Botswana envisages a two percent (2%) contribution of Gross Domestic Product to be invested in Research and Development (R&D) in partnership with private sector, hence unlocking funding support to commercialisation of R&D towards economic prosperity beyond 2016.