Focal Sectors


Biotechnology (Agricultural and Health Technologies) – focused on catalysing more commercial business in the areas of Agriculture and Health. Opportunities include support towards new products development, testing and manufacturing with special emphasis on addressing cross cutting issues of food Security and Health.


Information & Communications Technology and ICT Enabled Services

Focused on enabling the development of in­novative digital local applications, products and services that help Batswana. This may demonstrate technology uptake through re­levant and emerging technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain techno­logies and Internet of Things (IoT).


Focused on catalysing activities relating to Clean Technologies; renewable energy and environmental research; development and commercial activities within those areas. Emphasises on environmental sustainability, renewable energy, cleaner coal, water conservation and waste management (water and energy).


Mining Technologies

Focused on facilitating joint research and development in mining and related technologies focusing on technology providers as well as business development in exploration, geology, mining, ore processing and mineral beneficiation technologies.


Indigenous Knowledge

Focused on commercialisation of alternative medicine and supplementary nutrition products based on local plant and animal material, including cosmetic products.