Mr. Lesole Ngaka



  • LLB Degree from University of Botswana

Mr. Lesole Lame Ngaka is the Director of Legal Services & Board Secretariat of the Botswana Innovation Hub. Lesole is a lawyer by profession having graduated from the University of Botswana with an LLB Degree in 2004. He is admitted to the Botswana High Court as an Attorney, Conveyancer and Notary Public. Lesole is a member of the Law Society of Botswana.

Subsequent to graduation, Lesole’s career path includes working as a Professional Associate at Minchin & Kelly Attorneys (Botswana) where he was primarily involved in contract drafting, litigation mainly in respect to commercial disputes and insurance law. Lesole later joined the Local Enterprise Authority as the Head of the Legal Division. Currently, as Botswana Innovation Hub’s Head of Legal and Board Secretariat, he is responsible for the overall legal function of the organisation and its subsidiaries, including compliance and legal advisory. Under the Board Secretarial function, he is tasked with advising the Board on all legal issues and ensuring the adherence and adoption of corporate governance principles and standards.

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