Background & Governance Structure

Botswana Innovation Fund Committee

The Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub is mandated to coordinate the establishment of a functional and integrated national innovation ecosystem. Key to this, is the creation of Innovation Fund that promotes innovation through provision of seed/early stage funding to companies or organizations registered with the Botswana Innovation Hub which may subcontract part of the development work to universities and research organizations.

In addition, the Innovation Fund serves to encourage companies and organizations awarded funding to transfer skills to citizen employees by providing cash grants to be utilized for institutional training and on the job training programmes.

BIF Committee

The Minister responsible has appointed the Botswana Innovation Fund (BIF) Committee members to have oversight on implementation of the fund.

The Committee consists of independent members of the public from Private Sector and the business community. The Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (Secretariat) has established a Fund Administration Office and will act as the secretariat for the fund.