Benefits & Criteria

Becoming a Botswana Innovation Hub Member

  • Eligibility to access Innovation Support Programs and Services (including First Steps Venture Centre – Technology Entrepreneurship Development Program, Clean-Tech Centre of Excellence, Southern African Innovation Support (SAiS) program.

  • Accreditation to Botswana Innovation Hub and receipt of a Botswana Innovation Hub Membership Certificate.

  • Networking, research and technical collaboration opportunities locally and internationally.

  • A concessionary 15% corporate tax rate for qualifying companies.

  • Eligibility to import specialized skills and personnel under special dispensation.

  • Eligibility to apply for the Innovation Fund.

  • Access to a range of technology transfer, commercialization services and business advisory services.

  • Benefits to Botswana Innovation Hub media platforms.

  • Prioritized participation in Botswana Innovation Hub activities and events.

Membership Selection Criteria

To become a registered member or partner of BIH, entities must be operating within the following focus sectors:

  1. Information and Communication Technology
  2. Mining Technology
  3. Energy and Environment
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Knowledge Intensive Business Services supporting any of the sectors noted above

Within these focus sectors and categories, BIH selects partners and members based on the following aspects:

  1. Product / Service / Method that creates new or unique value for Botswana Innovation Hub stakeholders and Botswana
  2. Stage / Level of Innovation (Idea, Research / Screening and Experimentation, Testing / Proof of Concept / Prototyping, Commercialization / Production, Diffusion and Implementation)
  3. Target Market / Social Need being Addressed
  4. Benefits to Botswana:
    1. Employment creation
    2. Knowledge Creation and Skills Transfer
    3. Advancement of Science and Technology within the Botswana
  5. Business / Partnership model and Funding Aspects
  6. Leadership (Visionary and qualified leadership to play the critical role in driving the business towards its goal)
  7. Capital investment in land, buildings, infrastructure, and equipment