Innovation Botswana Day 2022

Botswana Innovation Hub will once again host Innovation Botswana Day, the fourth installment of Botswana Innovation Day take place at the Hub’s Science and Technology Park. Innovation Botswana Day is an opportunity for innovators, new and existing, to showcase their works.

The platform also provides a forum for dialogue on the critical elements that advance progress in the innovation and entrepreneurial space.


In this knowledge-based era, come & see how Botswana innovates, and learn why I.D.E.A. spells out: Invent, Discover, Evolve and Advance.

Join us at Innovation Botswana Day on the 18th November 2022 at Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub: Science and Technology Park from 2 to 6pm – with an exciting programme just for you.


Meet and interact with some of Botswana's rising entrepreneurs at Innovation Botswana Day 2022

Join us for the Fourth Installment of Innovation Botswana Day