Second Call For Proposals

Botswana Innovation Fund Second Call For Proposals


Botswana Innovation Fund is a special fund launched in 2018 to support the development of new innovative solutions which are aligned to national priority areas of the economy as espoused in either the National Development Plan, Vision 2036 or Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s).

Botswana Innovation Fund Challenge Fund launched its first call for proposals in April 2018 with the first award announcements in October 2018 and projects now under implementation.


 Botswana Innovation Fund is launching a new call to address key national challenges that seek solutions from local solutions providers. The challenges should be addressed by innovative solutions through national and multi-disciplinary collaboration projects from different stakeholders.

The call places emphasis on facilitation of local Intellectual Property development and registration, Innovative solutions at prototype development, technology transfer, and pre-commercialisation. The proposed solutions are to be aligned to the following focus sectors outlined:

  • Mining Technologies – The mining technology is focused on facilitating joint research and development in mining and related technologies focusing on technology providers as well as business development in exploration, geology, mining, ore processing and mineral beneficiation technologies. Key Projects include, value adding solutions in the sector are technology enablers which effectively address productions costs, safety, efficiency and innovative processes.
  • Clean Technologies – The sector focusses on catalysing activities relating to Clean Technologies; renewable energy and environmental research; development and commercial activities within those areas. It emphasises environmental sustainability, renewable energy, cleaner coal, water conservation and waste management (water and energy).
  • Agricultural and Health Technologies (Biotechnology) – The sector focuses on catalysing more commercial business in the areas of Agriculture and Health. Opportunities include support towards new products development, testing and manufacturing with special emphasis on addressing cross cutting issues of food Security and Health. Key projects include but not limited to new food and nutrition products, additives, supplements, and snacks
  • Information and Communications technologies (ICT) – A unique platform that enables ICT growth through research and development, ICT development and commercial business activities. Activities in ICT like software development, voice and data networks, business process automation, applications development for transport, finance, business. Targeted solutions in the manufacturing, transport, fintech, Agribusiness among others. The solutions must be aligned to the national clusters of the economy, e.g.  finance and Knowledge Intensive Business Systems (Finance and Knowledge Intensive Business Systems), Agriculture/Beef, Tourism, Manufacturing and Services. These may demonstrate technology uptake through relevant and available technologies, including the use of big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies and Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems (Alternative medicine and supplementary nutrition products based on local plant and animal material, including medicinal solutions) targeted solutions and products based on inclusive innovation processes supporting grassroots innovations.
  • Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS) – The Focus of value added business services including consultancies, providing specialised solutions. Targeting specialised services that enable the above solutions e.g. project management processes.


BIH Members may access the form directly on the BIH e-portal.

BIH Non-Members are to send their Company details (Company Name, Email Contact and Company Representative) to for e-portal Registration

  • Fund Guidelines, application evaluation criteria and Questions & Answers are available on the BIH website (

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