BDIH A Catalyst to Botswana’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub: A Catalyst to Botswana’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

 Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH) through, The GLOBASE program, short for Global Business and Social Enterprise, is a Kelley School of Business (Indiana University, USA) program that aims to combine business education with international consulting experience. MBA students work in teams with local clients, generally small-to-medium-sized businesses or non-profits, to help solve pressing business issues.

The Global Business and Social Enterprise (GLOBASE) program was founded in 2009, the core of GLOBASE’s mission is to empower MBA students with the tools and experience needed to make a tangible impact on businesses in emerging economies. With a track record spanning over a decade and more than 50 successful client engagements in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, GLOBASE has proven itself as a trailblazer in the realm of international business consulting.

The GLOBASE projects are carefully selected to create a positive impact on communities. Teams work with small to medium-sized businesses that make significant contributions to their local economies. Students help clients overcome obstacles, expand their business, find new markets, hire the best talent, and plan for the future. All MBA students have already completed an undergraduate degree and have five years of work experience (on average) before joining the Kelley School of Business. Participation in any GLOBASE program is highly coveted and the student selection process is competitive.

Additionally, GLOBASE student participants possess an authentic interest in local cultures, the capacity to provide tangible impact, and the ability to demonstrate cultural sensitivity. GLOBASE appeals to students interested in learning about the diverse cultures around the globe. During the first seven weeks of the spring semester, students attend weekly GLOBASE course lectures to learn about Botswana’s history as well as the history of the partner organization (BDIH), its structure, mission, community partnerships, and culture. In addition to these lectures, students work in teams throughout the week on their respective consulting projects in preparation for visiting the clients in March.

To explore partnership opportunities with BDIH and GLOBASE Program, BDIH Clients and Stakeholders are encouraged to respond to a call for the annual cohort intake.

For more information on GLOBASE, click the link below; time-mba/academics/global-experiences/globase/partners.html



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