BIF Inducts Indigenous Knowledge (Kitso Ya Setso) Grantees

BIF Inducts Indigenous Knowledge (Kitso Ya Setso) Grantees

The Botswana Innovation Fund (BIF) recently hosted a two-day training workshop at the Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub Science & Technology Park in Gaborone for the Indigenous knowledge Systems Call for applications beneficiaries.

The Indigenous Knowledge Systems Call (alternative medicine and supplementary nutrition products based on local plant and animal material, including medicinal solutions) targeted solutions and products based on inclusive innovation processes supporting grassroots innovations.

The purpose of the workshop was to onboard a total of nine (9) local startups which make Indigenous knowledge system-based products ahead of the disbursement of funds they applied for under the Botswana Innovation Fund (BIF) grant scheme, administered by the Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH).

Out of the (9) companies, five (5) are into cosmetics, three (3) into food processing and one (1) produces healthy supplements. These companies are being offered support under the Technology Entrepreneurship Development Incubation Program.

Some of the topics covered include Fund Guidelines & Milestone Disbursements, Reporting expectations, Contracting, Intellectual Property, which were delivered by different experts from different fields such as Legal, Technical and commercialization departments within BDIH.

Other stakeholders present were the Botswana Bureau of Standards (BOBS) who delivered a presentation on certifications, and Innolead Consulting who were tasked with capacitating the team on an extensive one-day Project Management and Budget Planning courses.

The IKS grantees were appraised and given guidance on how the Fund works and how their projects will be supported on their journey to commercialization.

Recipients of the Fund includes;


  • Donkey Milk Industries produces body lotions using donkey milk.
    • Phatsima Innovations (Pty) Ltd produces soap using moretologa.
    • Regleta (Pty) Ltd produces soap using donkey milk.
    • Thaping (Pty) Ltd produces a face mask peel from mokgalo fruit.
    • These Hands GSSE & Lesoma Innovation Centre make organic washing powder made from mumbaimbai plant.


  • Tripple A Farm use lerotse to produce snack bars and granola.
    • Debtum Green use sorghum flour mixed with mophane worms to produce tasty crackers.
  • DLG Naturals produce morula oil.


  • Thee Naturals Biotech (Pty) Ltd make Hoodia shake supplement.
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