Botswana Innovation Hub Reveals Activities For Innovation Botswana 2019

Today, Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) announced that the company will stage the third installment of the Innovation Botswana on the 19 September 2019 at the Botswana Innovation Hub Science and Technology Park.

Innovation Botswana 2019 continues to showcase national and regional innovations and to present a platform for dialogue on the critical elements that advances progress of the innovation and entrepreneurship agenda.

The day is a festival of inspiration, creation and innovation that brings together more than 300 stakeholders from civil society, business and academia, public sector and industry to celebrate innovation through exhibitions, thought leadership presentations, panel discussions, pitch sessions and networking. This year’s theme is ‘’The Future Revealed”. Innovation Botswana 2019 will also feature the Annual Southern Africa Innovation Forum; an innovation convention that gathers innovators from Southern Africa and is hosted by the respective countries on rotational basis.

A prelude to Innovation Botswana 2019 is 24hrs hackathon activity on the 17-18 October that will see 65 youthful Batswana developers collaborating in computer coding and programming to provide a solution to a real-life problem statement.

More than 50 exhibitors are expected to showcase their innovations ranging from indigenous based products and unique knowledge-based business services to mobile applications.

The programme for the Innovation Botswana 2019 comprises presentations, workshops, pitch session and panel discussions on topics including; Innovation ecosystems for entrepreneurs in SADC, driving digital transformation to increase Botswana’s competitive edge, the future of technology entrepreneurship and many other.

The morning engagement will be followed by an exhibition of products and services mainly in the cleantech, Biotech, ICT services, indigenous knowledge, mining technologies focal areas of BIH. Innovation Botswana 2019 has been made possible through sponsorships and collaboration. BIH partnered with Sunday Standard newspaper, Virtual Business Network, Duma FM and Stanbic Bank in preparation for the event.

Innovation Botswana 2019 is a platform to further demonstrate BIH’s support to innovative entrepreneurship by providing opportunities to showcase, engage, connect and learn from one another.

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