Botswana’s Maungo Craft Wins At The SA Innovation Summit 2018

Botswana’s Maungo Craft Wins At The SA Innovation Summit 2018

Maungo Craft and Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) journey of innovative entrepreneurship has been a fruitful one with exposure to workshops, coaching and pitching, all intended to sharpen business acumen for scaling up.

Bonolo Monthe presented a well-planned pitch with a financial forecast for her product with great belief and passion to the judges. Maungo Craft emerged amongst the 6 winners out of 32 of the FembioBiz competitions from the 8 SADC countries; Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Winning in the FemBioBiz Competition has afforded Maungo Craft a trip to Silicon Valley where they will stand a chance to win US$1 million at the global competition. This is in addition to the in-kind benefits that the Botswana Innovation Hub avail to them in three stages of Pre-incubation, Incubation and Acceleration.

Maungo Craft specializes in making the tastiest low to no sugar, gourmet craft jams and marmaladed packed with indigenous fruits and superfoods. The company seeks to create a reputation for distributing uniquely prepared food products that reflect a truly indigenous touch in preparation and branding- with the ultimate goal of being a household brand.

Maungo Craft products fall within BIH’s Biotechnology sector. This sector is focused on catalyzing more research and development activities, and commercial business in the areas of, testing and manufacturing, with special emphasis on addressing cross cutting issues of food security, HIV Aids and exploitation of a wide range of indigenous natural products.

About Botswana Innovation HubBotswana Innovation Hub (BIH) has been incorporated as a company duly registered under the laws of Botswana to develop and manage Botswana’s first science and technology park. BIH contributes to the country’s economic development and competitiveness by creating new scientific, technological, and indigenous knowledge-based business opportunities. The Botswana Innovation Hub adds value to existing companies, foster entrepreneurship and technology transfer, generate knowledge-based jobs, and attract innovative companies and institutions to set-up their businesses at the Botswana Innovation Hub’s science and technology park.

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