Classmate Online E-Learning Platform Free For a Month During National Lockdown

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation Limited (BTC) is offering free access to its inclusive e-learning platform -Classmate Online Solution- until end of April 2020 to assist the students with their coursework during the indefinite school closure and enhance their performance.

Classmate Online Solution, launched in partnership with Classmate Online Company- a Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) Acceleration Programme Client, contains Botswana Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) content that includes; all subject syllabuses, past examination papers, education quizzes, e -library books and video tutorials amongst other educational materials.

BTC Managing Director, Mr Anthony Masunga says his Company and BIH are alive to some of the challenges in the education sector hence, the innovative platform is designed to better manage student educational outcomes and improve academic results in line with Thuto-Net, a critical component of the Government policy on the promotion of e-learning.

Thuto-Net is an effort by Government to ensure that the education sector provides adequate opportunities for all learners to develop the necessary skills and to fully benefit from Information Communication Technology (ICT) to become active participants in the global knowledge economy among others.

“The inclusive digital platform for students and educators will help them access educational content, enhance interaction and promote collaborative learning to better manage student educational outcomes as we transition to a knowledge-based economy,” said Masunga.

The e-learning platform is convenient as it will ensure that learners and educators can access content, whether they are at home or on the move whenever there is internet connectivity. To access the platform, you simply log on to, click register, complete form and submit.

BIH Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alan Boshwaen, said, “our primary purpose is to identify, support and nurture innovative projects to move them from an idea stage to a service or product that can be purchased by the market. We are proud to have capacitated Classmate Online Company with technical advice, coaching, mentorship, access to partner programmes and many other interventions. We are equally thankful to BTC for identifying the need to improve academic results in Botswana and partnering with Classmate Online Company to deliver an inclusive e-learning platform.

The BTC and BIH collaborative efforts, brings to live a Memorandum of Understanding in which the two parties have agreed to work together as partners to undertake and explore prospects which will be mutually beneficial to both parties and the country at large.

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