Deal Day to Harness Investment Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

PRESS RELEASE: 24 November 2021

Deal Day to Harness Investment Opportunities For Entrepreneurs

Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH) and Angel Network Botswana (ANB) have collaborated to host a Deal Day (pitch day) to scout talent from BDIH innovators who have received technical and business interventions throughout their incubation/acceleration journey. The Deal Day exposes innovators to potential markets, partners, coaches and investors through the ANB & BDIH partnership. The Deal Day scheduled for the 25th November 2021 is a hybrid event featuring startups from Botswana and investors virtually connected via ANB from across the world including EO Angels, Future Females Invest and Jozi Angels.

The BDIH selected a pool of companies to participate in the Deal Day based on their solution’s value and societal impact in addressing at least one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The solution’s stage of development with at least a working prototype, the originality of the idea and its potential to scale coupled with knowledge and capability of the team formed part of the selection criteria.

The Deal Day features the following 8 companies offering different solutions;

  • Corrugated Minds “ShareAride”: a mobile and web application solution that makes it easy to access public transport and book a seat, thereby eliminating long queues at travel times.
  • Doctors E- Consult: an online doctor consultation mobile application, which is a doctor- patient consulting room on a phone or device.
  • Skymartbw: an e-commerce online marketplace that is transforming the local and regional industry.
  • IoT Communications: a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) service that will make it affordable for individuals and enterprises to monitor the operational and safety status of their assets from the comfort of their homes.
  • Ipachi Mobile Application: uses machine learning to deliver an intelligent financial management system which can seamlessly fit the lifestyle of the user.
  • Scoot Logistics: provides transport and delivery solutions through a technology-based platform.
  • Ked Liphi: a fully automated machine with facial recognition capabilities, auto sanitation features, auto thermal temperature detection including a unique in-built mobile application and an ID /passport scanning port for border access control and security profiling.
  • Sign Coach: An assistive mobile app technology for bridging the communication barrier between the hearing and the impaired hearing members of our society.

Since inception, Angel Network Botswana members have funded 2 start-ups within the BDIH clientele; Vantage Properties and Organic Naturals Skincare. The Network anticipates consistent quality deal flow from BDIH registered start-ups through the BDIH-ANB partnership. ANB aims to support existing efforts to facilitate the development and emergence of an active early-stage investment community thereby contributing to the emergence of a new breed of vibrant entrepreneurs who catalyse economic growth and diversification.

Commenting on the Deal Day, Acting CEO of Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub, Tshepo Tsheko said, “We value the importance of Angel investors in the innovation ecosystem, they provide more than money. They are hands-on investors who contribute their skills, expertise, knowledge and contacts in the businesses they invest in. We are delighted to work with ANB to support the innovators’ growth and wealth creation”.

Angel Network Botswana Chairperson, Mythri Sambasivan-George said, “Our very first entry into the startup ecosystem was under the auspices of BDIH (then BIH) in late 2019. Since then, ANB was formally incorporated and the board and its members, now in excess of 50 private investors, have worked passionately to build mutually impactful partnerships such as with BDIH, which we are proud of. We will continue to deliver measurable change, value and progress through mentorship, networks and quality deal-flow. We see a high potential, growing private sector in Botswana and beyond.”


About Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub

Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH) formerly Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) is a networked organisation that promotes innovation and technology entrepreneurship. Its primary goal is to support the commercialisation of solutions developed by BDIH supported entities.

BDIH was established to contribute towards the diversification of the economy and transform Botswana towards a knowledge economy by:

  • Supporting start-ups and existing companies to grow by providing innovation capacity building as well as access to funding and national technology transfer office services
  • Creating linkages between different players in the national innovation ecosystem to identify and capitalize on collaboration opportunities
  • Attracting like-minded, innovative and technology driven companies and institutions to establish their operations in the Park
  • Managing and developing the Science and Technology Park to create a thriving innovation ecosystem  Facebook: @YourBDIH  Twitter: @YourBDIH

 About Angel Network Botswana

Angel Network Botswana (ANB) is a network of business angels seeking to invest their personal funds into growth-oriented businesses/start-ups with exciting products and services. ANB gives the entrepreneurs they invest in access to networks and mentorship with the aim of building a sustainable business ecosystem. ANB members come from different industries and backgrounds, bringing a combined wealth of knowledge and resources that enables the angels to diversify risk, make larger investments and screen projects more efficiently. ANB aims to support existing efforts to facilitate the development and emergence of an active early-stage investment community thereby contributing to the emergence of a new breed of vibrant entrepreneurs who catalyse economic growth and diversification.

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