Spectrum Analytics Transformation Through GLOBASE Collaboration

Spectrum Analytics, a local data analysis solutions provider, recently ventured on a transformative journey with GLOBASE Botswana (Global Business and Social Enterprise Program) and the consulting team from the prestigious Kelley School of Business. This collaboration aimed to optimise Spectrum Analytics’ sales cycle and boost revenue streams. GLOBASE Botswana is an international consulting experience in which teams of Kelley School of Business MBA students partner with clients in Botswana to help solve a business problem or take advantage of an opportunity.

Spectrum Analytics primarily sought to streamline its value proposition and selling approach to achieve better results. With the expertise of consultants like Alex, DeVol, Hadially, Livia and Nick, Spectrum Analytics got a comprehensive review of their processes. Together, they crafted a sales process with performance metrics, enabling the proactive tracking of progress. The GLOBASE consulting process offered Spectrum Analytics insights into targeting customers, qualifying leads, and managing the sales process more efficiently. By interacting closely with both technical and sales teams, the consultants provided tailored recommendations for improvement.

Reflecting on the impact of the collaboration, Spectrum Analytics noted several key outcomes. There was a significant boost in team confidence as the consultants’ recommendations aligned with internal assessments. Moreover, the cultural exchange during the collaboration further accentuated the importance of human relationships in business success. The collaboration contributed to the professional development of Spectrum Analytics’ internal team members, paving the way for continued growth beyond the consultancy period.

Tangible benefits have already emerged, with an increase in lead generation and improved responses from targeted customers. Spectrum Analytics is now focused on shortening the sales cycle, experimenting with approaches devised in collaboration with the GLOBASE team. They have undoubtedly gained invaluable insights from their collaboration with GLOBASE that will for sure shape their future projects. By practicing the lessons learned from the GLOBASE interventions, the team continues to grow and evolve beyond the program.

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